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Our department of experienced alchemists invites you for handcrafted cocktails and infused alcoholic beverages prepared with herbs which guarantee unique taste sensations.

Let us take you for a walk along the streets of Warsaw to discover the beauty of historical places and get a taste of this exceptional city. The journey will start with rediscovering some native types of vodka that have reached a completely different level of refinement.


Chicago Style New Year`s Eve

Spoil yourself and join the most prestigious and inclusive New Year’s Eve celebrations in Warsaw!   Travel back in time to Chicago`s 1920s to discover what this city had to offer back then - tasty cocktails, classy tuxes, pearls, flapjack dresses and most of all, bustling, energetic and ever enjoyable music. All that paired with the sophisticated design of the Panorama Cocktail Bar, talented DJ ...

Have a taste of Panorama!

Poland’s highest-located hotel bar invites you to a head-in-the-clouds experience.
In our luxury interiors, every gourmet will find an array of sublime tastes.

Choose from a wide range of vodkas from all over the world, or a vast selection of champagnes, or unique cocktails. Try our delicious snacks, dainty salads and exceptional desserts.

Join us for a sky journey and relish on the best views of Warsaw. Let yourself be carried away by the sounds of music played by the crème de la crème of the Polish club scene.

Having visited the Panorama Sky Bar, you’ll know what being on cloud nine means.


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